Patches for 12c Oracle Database in EBS environment

After migration to Oracle Database 12c and OeBS 12.2 we’ve faced a strange problem with searching database patches.

I’m used to a simple paradigm: we have our own set of patches. It could be a huge list but if we meet a problem it happens quite rarely and I had a plenty of time to investigate it.

But in 12.2 everything has changed. Now we have 2 set of patches. First is the old set that comes from our peculiarities – customizations, hardware and workload. Second is the new set which is recommended by OeBS development team (see Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2: Consolidated List of Patches and Technology Bug Fixes (Doc ID 1594274.1) ).

The problem is in an overall number of patches:

1. Our own list of bugs consists of about 10 items (among them are mainly patches for wrong query results (like 18650065: WRONG RESULTS ON QUERY WITH SUBQUERY USING OR EXISTS ) and RAC-specific issues (like 19124336 – ORA-600 [kjblcwscn:!wr]can occur when handling a stale but valid write completion) ).
2. List of OeBS patches (that should be installed too) from Doc ID 1594274.1 consists of 34 bugs and 22 patches (for
3. In addition to that 4 times a year is released Patch Set Update. It’s highly advisable install it (and in our case I can’t imagine how we would maintain our system without PSU).

All would be nothing, but some of the patches conflicts each other or PSU (and some conflicts both). So in order to meet all the requirements I should install PSU, all patches that haven’t been included in PSU, overlay patches that conflict PSU, merge patches that conflict each other and overlay merge patches that conflicts all of them.

I’ve made it once – for April 2015 PSU – checked each bug, find all patches and opened a couple of SR for missing ones.

After half a year I returned to the task and was horrified – number of bugs increased twice! I commenced to work with a list of bugs but this time was fortunate enough – in a one SR met engineer who gave me the proper list of links. Here it is:

1. There is no need to search recommended OeBS patches for each PSU by yourself. Just read Database Patch Set Update Overlay Patches Required for Use with PSUs and Oracle E-Business Suite ( Doc ID 1147107.1 ) – in my case all patches was in ‘Table 1 Release PSUs and Patch Lists for EBS r12.2 customers not using the In-Memory option’

2. There is no need to check list of patches on conflicts by hand. My Oracle Support has Conflict Checker Tool that could be used not only for analyzing but also for requesting patches. See How to Use the My Oracle Support Conflict Checker Tool for Patches Installed with OPatch [Video] ( Doc ID 1091294.1 )

So I installed October 2015 PSU, get my oracle inventory, list of patches from set 1. and Doc ID 1147107.1, perform “Analyze for Conflicts” steps, click “Request Patch” and made special query for missing merge overlay patch. I didn’t expect, but my merge patch was ready next day! And it’s all, I just downloaded patches from Download table and installed it in my system.

Patches for 12c Oracle Database in EBS environment